Welcome To Seasonal Work Registration

Each year SPC offers temporary production and manufacturing roles during the peak fruit processing season. The availability and duration of the work is dictated by crop harvests and typically commences in late November, early December and continues through to March/April.

At SPC the health and safety of our employees and workplace is paramount and we take our duty of care very seriously. All employees are expected to demonstrate the correct safe behaviours, undertake required training and follow all instructions. SPC conducts random drug and alcohol testing across all worksites.

As part of the recruitment process new and returning applicants must satisfy the requirements of a pre-employment medical screen and drug and alcohol test prior to starting with SPC. Pre-employment assessments will be conducted by health care professionals nominated by SPC who will assess your capacity to safely, independently and productively carry out the reasonable requirements of the position.

All information collected in this registration will be used solely for recruitment purposes only. The information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and will not be used for any other unsolicted communication.

Please answer the following question before you proceed.

Have you worked for SPC in the last two seasons?